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Mr Martin Holt

Martin Holt is a Shoulder and Elbow Consultant specialising in arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and arthroplasty (joint replacement surgery) of the shoulder and elbow with over 25 years experience of treating patients with complex shoulder and elbow problems and teaching arthroscopic and arthroplasty surgery since 1996 to UK and European Specialist Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons. 

His private practice, with full admitting rights, is both at The BMI Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle and the Spire Regency Hospital, Macclesfield. He accepts Primary, Secondary and Tertiary referrals of complex shoulder and elbow problems from Shoulder and Elbow surgical colleagues and is recognised by all UK medical insurance companies.

In 1997 Martin Holt was appointed as the Consultant Specialist in Shoulder and Elbow surgery and Orthopaedic Trauma at University Hospitals South Manchester, UHSM, a UK Major Trauma centre. Martin Holt continues with an NHS commitment to the trauma on call for patients in Manchester and since 2008 he has been Chairman of Orthopaedic Audit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

Martin Holt is Chairman of the BESS (1) Education committee having been a founding Committee Member in 2001 overseeing the on going development of Shoulder and Elbow surgery in the UK for Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons with Instructional courses, Revalidation courses for BOA (2)  surgeons in Shoulder & Elbow surgery and assessment of research presented by UK Shoulder and Elbow surgeons. In his role as Chairman he is responsible for the selection of BESS International Fellows in shoulder and elbow surgery.

Martin is a Council Member of BESS (1)  serving two terms of office for UK Shoulder and Elbow surgeons 2010-2013 and 2015-present after being elected twice by his peers.

He is the past Chairman and Director for the courses of MTASS (3) and the Chief of Faculty for the Exactec Shoulder Replacement courses for UK and European Surgeons. He has demonstrated new techniques for shoulder arthroscopy in live surgery and via satellite link and has been an invited Faculty member on shoulder and elbow arthroscopy and arthroplasty courses teaching Consultants and Specialist Shoulder Surgeons in the UK and Europe since 1996. He continues to teach shoulder and elbow surgery with Registrars/Trainees who have been taught by Martin Holt being successfully appointed as Shoulder/Elbow Consultants in Manchester and the UK.

The Objective Practical Assessment Tool developed by Martin and his BESS colleagues is available free to all trainees and trainers worldwide. 

Martin Holt has research interests in shoulder arthroscopic techniques, major upper limb injuries and shoulder and elbow litigation. He is an author of all of the editions of The Guide for Orthopaedic Surgeons and Therapists (GOST) which can also be used by patients to gain a greater understanding of their surgery and postoperative management. The Patient Friendly GHOST is available on this website

Martin enjoys many sports but has difficulty in finding time for them all. He has fun with his family skiing and sailing and gets enjoyment from both sea angling and fresh water fishing although the Prince Albert Angling Society have a lot more fish available as a result of his skills! One of the teams Martin supports with his son and optimism is Macclesfield Town FC. Since his daughter was born Martin always wears a tie with animals so if you see a surgeon without an animal tie - it’s not the Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon Martin Holt.

(1) BESS British Elbow and Shoulder Society
(2) BOA British Orthopaedic Association
(3) MTASS Master Techniques in Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

since 1991
since 1996
Appointed Consultant 1997
Private Practice since 1997
Private Practice since 2008
since 1987